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March 07, 2006



Just thought you might like to know that the link to Joe's interview above does not actually open. At least it did not on my browser and I have IE XP. Would like to hear the interview.

Woops, sorry about that. I've downloaded again so hopefully it works -- if not please let me know because this interview is one worth listening to! Regards,

plays for me --- aj nj

Re Help Ticket

Hi Mairead-

I just tried downloading the most recent mp3 that you've
posted and was able to do so successfully. Are they
receiving an error of some kind? Or are they seeing this
on a different post?


If anyone is having problems please let me know!

Mozilla Fan

The Interview was fun. I liked so much the story about the Billionaire that
had failures "Nothing bad happens to you". Great Stuff

Now you can browse the net with safety.

loved the bit about making decisions now, what a great interview. makes one feel great Loved it.

Dee McCrorey

Fun interview with rich, practical advice. Joe's "Attractor Factor" changed my life (and my business) in surprising ways...A key reason why I decided to promote his new book on my blog site (and add my Risk Tips book to his $13K+ in bonuses)!


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